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It’s funny how easily we let motivation and opportunity slip through our fingers, sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control. This past year has been particularly difficult for me and I chose to drift away from writing simply because I didn’t have the urge to do much except travel and read. I let a lot of people down as a result (including myself). Nonetheless, I kept a journal and penned in it my thoughts of topics I’d like to explore and write about once I get back on my feet. So here I am all excited to get restarted. You will find me write about a plethora of topics, many of which are untapped areas by the American or all media in general. Some postings will be more timely and some just my thoughts on economizing, conservation, and practicalities. At times you will find me blog about fundamental actions that are yet to be embraced. So either what is apparent is not very obvious, or that we as a society choose to ignore it for fear that our personal happiness will be at stake if we seek more than that is comfortable.

As a Rotary Peace Fellow much of my motivation is drawn from my vision to see peace and non-violence prevail in my lifetime. I am not naive that there are obstacles all around, however we cannot just and be a spectator, we need to be in the midst of talks and be active participants either by learning, educating, or applying our skills. We should seek knowledge and erase ignorance. Some like me will alternate between carrying the torch and blowing the whistle; some others might educate themselves and their family or friends. Whoever you choose to be and whatever method you employ, be sure to seek the multiple dimension to a story. Never be satisfied with the most comforting, because sometimes comfort is not the whole truth. The whole truth may be uncomfortable, but it is the only way to eliminate ignorance that is often translated as hate and misunderstanding. We are all aware of the repercussions of hate- violent confrontations and endless animosity. If, we are satisfied with what we are shown, the evil forces win; if on the other hand, we seek until we drop, the good triumphs. My hope is that my thoughts will encourage my readers to seek “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, even if it is ugly!

Occasionally, I will invite a guest posting, so you are welcome to type up an article and send in. The only prerequisite is that your contributions must be off-beat, something that speaks against the norm in the media. The news media has lost it’s credibility, and I would hate that citizens who care about their world too loose that credibility. So well researched stories or opinion write-ups will be always welcome.

So with this I will begin working through my list- see you soon!

Non-fiction Story Teller and Educator


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