The New Middle East, will belong to those who live there…


Egypt is known best to Egyptians

The members of the Green revolution and young Iranians should be made aware of what is  known to the the new generation of Arabs who like their Iranian peers took to the streets to demand a new future for their country earlier this year and through today. The are convinced that the US is responsible for the mess that is hindering peace during the most crucial times.  It is also widely accepted in the region that the US will go great lengths in ensuring the existence of Israel, a country that they believe has doomed the region by its cunning and devious plans. If the Arabs are weary, Iranians too must be cautious.

America fears that an Islamic government in Egypt would destabilize peace  with Israel.  There are rumors that the US is clandestinely encouraging violent clashes that have ravaged Cairo for the past couple of weeks. They have also been trying tirelessly to block Iran’s nuclear capability for this very reason.

Hamza Abu Salma, a young Egyptian reflects the anger of his peers. “We know that USA is supporting the Military council and they don’t want us to have a free country and we know well who we are fighting and it’s still the very same USA who is supporting the police and the gas bombs and the killing bombs. This is known here and we also know who they are supporting in the internal society and what problems they are causing.”

Based on what the region has witnessed since the beginning of this year, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to determine that Egypt and Libya are under occupation. Every developing country that has ever tried to advance and help others advance has fallen. This was known as ‘colonization’, today it is referred to as ‘occupation’.  We have seen this happen time and again in history. It is strange then that people have yet to learn to rely on themselves and on their resources. The question that perplexes political analysts is why people continue to ask assistance of those that have a long history of betrayal?

In fact, the very reason America is entrusted power should be questioned. It is not enough to respond by saying that America deserves to protect  itself and its interests. Does this interest then justify what the US military did to Iraq, and Afghanistan, and what the government in the guise of NATO is currently doing to Libyans? And if it is, why then aren’t Al-Qaeda or other groups that defend their faith, country, and traditions? All have killed innocent people, and sure enough if one is a defender, the others should be as well. The word hypocrisy bears to mind!

The world knows this and yet those who can make a difference- common Americans, remain silent.There are a few  activists and groups raising hell now and again, but this is not enough for the scope of the problem. Americans have tremendous power, simply by the way their government is organized and they must be reminded that silence is often translated as compliance. The noteworthy Occupy movement of America is a good reference point and can be influential in how the US government runs its foreign policy as well. The movement would need to expand its agenda and strive to involve people from all social and economic classes.  Americans are able to cease all the injustice that their government is engaged in simply by way of refusing to pay taxes. If the influx of  tax dollars is severed, the US armed forces will be paralyzed and they would be constrained to choose their battles and moves wisely, instead of simply impairing countries and leaders under the pretext of protecting their power position. For one thing, their power is slipping and their desperation to hold on, is becoming obvious.  This, the American people should realize, before their government continues to compromise their security.

And for this too we have history to turn to. Beginning the first quarter of the 19th century Indians engaged in civil disobedience against the British. Workers quit showing up for work in mills and consumers shifted to Indian-produced products. These simple acts led to an independent country in 1947, albeit the bloody partition of the country into modern-day India and Pakistan. India’s Gandhi, leader of the non-violent movement is revered all over the world. Why then do we see such few Gandhis today?

Another Egyptian Ahmed Amin (name changed) expresses disbelief at what is happening in Libya. “I do not understand why the Libyans even had a revolution. Ghaddafi was a bit eccentric, but the country was prosperous. The way he was killed, is disgusting and the killings of his supporters since his death are a shame for humanity. What happened to restorative justice that America advocates for? Every time a leader tries to unite a region in turmoil, the US must interfere and destroy the peace and plans of the region. I don’t think the US wanted Ghaddafi to unite Africa in peace and prosperity. The US also needed the oil reserves of Libya. God is witnessing their devious intentions and there will be justice, inshaAllah.”

Ahmed and Hamza are two of millions of Arabs who are willing to face American bullets as they defend their land from intruders. There will be justice and peace they say, but it will be on their accord. The general consensus in the region since the revolution in Tunisia changed the region is that no military government or American puppets will govern them. The harder America tries to hold on as a result, the easier it will be for the Islamic government to prevail. America must therefore be weary of inciting further instability as the Arabs warn that the consequences can be grave. Who can blame them though? When Al Qaeda successfully carried out the 9/11 attacks, America headed to avenge the act. Do policy makers in Washington think, that the Arabs will sit still and let Pentagon destroy their hope for a future? Power players are not naive.

The young Iranians therefore should be weary of whom they are channeling their SOS toward. They must need reminding of their history, which  is tainted with American infamy. Perhaps, they need to be informed that it was the US that supported the Shah until they realized he wouldn’t serve as their puppet, before they endorsed Khomeini, the very man the youth of Iran detest.


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