Monthly Archives: December 2011

WANTED: A New Divine Destiny


If there is a God up there, I demand he makes a showing
And justifies why he created man to be so dreadful and unjust
Some ascertain everything that happens has been recorded
And that implies that it is he who is accountable for the darkness
If so he should be made to stand trial to be tried by a jury of his peers
But God has no equal and cannot be tried,
Does this then justify the bloody scenes?

Women weeping over their loved ones,
The future for children will be disturbed
As clean slates will be inked in blood.
The Middle East is the latest chapter,
A region so holy, tarnished with evil.
It is interesting how one man can build, and then destroy his land.

I call upon the revered God to re-write his story
Should he need a playwright- he knows my address
The Premise:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Man will accept happiness
Violence will be buried inside the deep deep ocean
More Gandhis will be conceived
And Power will be imposed to sustain peace…