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Universal Right to Defense…


I have been silent for a while; giving thought to my next project. Of course I always tend to come full circle to my favorite topic of discussion- the hypocrisy of two of my beloved targets- The US and Israel. This time around I am going “on the record” not about peace, but about the “universal” right to defend one self, something that a peace activist rarely delves into.

The US President just addressed questions from the press about amongst a host of other things, his thoughts on Israel’s potential war on Iran. I could sense his apprehension, and rightly so. Is the US really ready for another war even if it is in support of their unshakeable friendship with Israel? While most polls show that a large number of American’s believe that Iran is gearing toward obtaining nuclear weapons, does this translate to their support for a war with Iran? What does Israel want the US to believe about Iran? Does the Kenesset want the US to lead the war? What happened to old-fashioned diplomacy? So many questions with unclear answers. The public is left perplexed and dependent on unintelligent feeds from unreliable and incredible sources.

While attacking his critics President Obama said that Republicans could talk war with Iran because they have zero responsibility and while Obama thinks he may be able to prolong the possibility of war, it is only a matter of time that if the opposition takes power the war will become inevitable. Rumors and politics are not mutually exclusive. This is election year and Obama has to please if he would like to improve his odds of being re-elected. This is not a rumor; it is reality.

Everyone wants to resume talks with Iran. But how many have tried to decipher how Iranians interpret this whole drama? If there is one issue that unites the Iranian government and the Iranian people, it is their steadfast resolve that they have an absolute right to protecting themselves and obtaining nuclear power and energy. Even American enthusiasts in Iran view obtaining nuclear energy as a means of getting at par with western powers. And why shouldn’t they? India, Pakistan, Israel, the US and others have nuclear weapons. Why shouldn’t Iran join the ranks? Every country has a right of defense. And this is assuming that Iran is en route to weapons of mass destruction!

Why is it fair that Netanyahu and his folks have access to deadly weapons, while Iran just watches with folded arms? Iranians have always been proud of their country and they have been known to fight for what they believe is theirs. We saw this with the Constitutional revolution of the early 1900s, during the 1979 Islamic revolution, then during the Iran-Iraq war, and most recently in 2009. A war with Iran would not weaken the country but only strengthen it. It may very well unite the people and the government, a move that the West will not appreciate.

If nuclear weapons and weapons in general did not exist, it would be a different story, however they exist and now we cannot deny the right of countries to obtain them, especially if the populace is in support of this move. I must confess I don’t understand the technicalities of building nuclear weapons, that my expertise lies else where. But it does not take a rocket scientist to explain that India and Pakistan have not used their nuclear weapons to hurt each other. If anything they have become safer grounds because they both realize the consequences. But the existence of a nuclear Israel in the presence of an un-nuclear Iran could lead to unfavorable outcomes. If Israel and the rest of the world are troubled by the idea of a nuclear-equipped Iran, their fears could be calmed if Iran does exactly this. Perhaps there would be less speculative drama, a war would be justified, and there could be some real talk because Iran then would feel at par with its negotiators. But, hold on; would there even be a war?