A Taxi Driver speaks out


Waleed Abdel Rehman who took me on a safe ride around Ramsis Square in Faghalla speaks about who he believes is responsible for the killings.

“Don’t worry” he kept assuring me. He could sense I was a bit afraid of being stuck in some of the smaller alley ways just in case a Baltageya happened to chase us. I used this opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Do you like the Army?
After the killings, I don’t.

He then points in the direction of Fattah Mosque and says he will take me to the bridge so I can take pictures from above. Unfortunately, that end of the bridge was blocked too and we couldn’t.

Who killed all those people?
The Army.

Because they want power (authority).

Who are the Baltageya (thugs)?
They are from the Police and Army. The army and police are afraid of many people in street so police and army shot people.

Do you happen to know a Baltagaya (thug)?
No, but I can know them from their look and style. You saw how he (the baltageya) was screaming?

Waleed is just one of many who I have spoken to, and have negative views of the army. It is believed that many of the protesters from yesterday and Rabaa were not supportive of the Ikhwaan, but rather anti-military.


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