Online crackdown by Egyptian Police or a Virus?


So as has been the case with any paranoid government during a conflict, the Egyptian security forces have found their online victims. There are rumors that police have started cracking down on people online who post anti-army or pro-Morsi/ anti-coup updates and information on their Facebook and Twitter walls. An Egyptian has reported that his internet was blocked and a message from the Egyptian police popped up as he tried to log into his computer. The message  which was in Arabic read that his internet has  been  blocked and that he would have to pay an undisclosed amount in fine.

Others believe that it is only a rumor and that the Egyptian army would never resort to such measures. Given that Sisi had ordered the closure of many pro-Morsi Islamists media stations following the events of June 30th that saw the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi, I would disagree with them. Yet there are others who believe that it could be a hacker posing as the Egyptian Government.  Historically, a government that seeks power would resort to any measure in desperation to be maintain control over dissemination of information.

If these reports of online crack down are confirmed,  is it that they would also track me down considering I am posting live from Cairo? What I’d like to know is if this the government that Egyptians would like to live under, why didn’t they just let Morsi complete his term?


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